Who We Are !

La nueva Jerusalen Catholic Covenant Community

We have a calling to serve others in our communities 

LNJ is made up of lay people including families, marriages, children and youth of all ages as well as senior members. We have canonical recognition as a private association of the faithful in the Archdiocese of Miami. We are also linked to other Covenant Communities around the world

“Arise” is the youth group belonging to LNJ

We serve middle school and high school youth. We strive to support each other in our goal to live as Christian young men and women. We look to build each other up through strong, healthy friendships based on our faith

Purpose of Camp Arise

We have a calling to serve other youth in our Archdiocese

The purpose / vision of Camp Arise is to provide adolescents an encounter with Christ in a safe and fun environment amongst their peers,  as well as promote a Christian peer group